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This Is How We Move It!


I don’t know about you, but I hate moving!! I don’t mind the packing and unpacking but the house cleaning and moving are the worst! Moving is a stressful time and there is a lot to do. Hiring professionals can help relieve some of that stress and anxiety. I suggest contacting at least 3 moving companies and getting price quotes. Also, be sure to read their reviews! Were they professional? On time? Careful with your stuff?

Still on the fence about spending that kind of money on a moving company? Here are some things to consider if you are contemplating hiring professional movers vs. doing it yourself.

1. Prevents Moving Injuries

If you have heavy boxes or big pieces of furniture, it’s always a good idea to contact a moving company to avoid any possible injuries. An experienced moving company is equipped with the tools required to transport objects without compromising your safety.

2. Cost-Effective

The money, energy, and time that goes into moving by yourself is higher compared to hiring a moving company. For instance, with DIY moving, you need to purchase packing materials and to ensure that you have ample energy and time to finish everything before your moving day. Also, offloading your items also requires considerable time and energy. One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that they have everything you need, including a team of professionals who can pack and move your belongings on time.

3. Protects Your Belongings

Once you hire a reputable moving company, you can be sure that your assets or belongings are protected. (Be sure to verify that the company you hire is insured!!) Most moving companies would have you sign a contract before they start transporting or packing your items. Such contracts are used to protect customers in case there’s a damaged item. Take photos of your items. In case of an accident, you have proof for a claim.

4. Professional Service

A good moving company always aims to provide quality work and professional service for all their clients. For this reason, they operate with excellence in mind. Aside from that, movers are competent, prioritize planning and well-organized. They also ensure timely responses to any question or concerns you may have. They’ll schedule the times and date for the move, pack the item, and be on the location in a timely manner.

5. Real Time Saver

From packing your things to decluttering your property, the process may take a lot of time. If time is money for you and you can’t afford any delays or inconvenience throughout the moving process, you should let professional movers do the job for you.

6. Allows You to Focus on Other Important Things

Moving and packing years of belongings is no doubt time-consuming. In fact, if you’re planning to sell your home before you move to another place, you need to meet the realtor, inspectors, new buyers, and lawyers.

7. Your Personal Belongings and Furniture Get Extra Care

One of the concerns of many people when moving is ensuring that all their belongings remain damage-free during the transportation. Remember that a lot of things may happen during a move. For instance, furniture may bump into the door frames, walls, and banisters. Your boxes may also fall while transferring to the truck, while some of your items may collide inside the moving truck. Another benefit of hiring the best moving company is that it has professional tools and techniques to prevent these damages from happening. They’ll use floor runners to avoid damage or scratches on the flooring.

If you decide to hire a professional, contact Jarred Scott and his team (visit them on Facebook)


Packing & Unpacking

Loading & Unloading

Assembly & Disassembly

Heavy Lifting


Pool Tables (Including Re-felting)



Tv Mounting & Unmounting

Delivery & Pick Up

Some additional notes from Jarred :

· Practice protection not perfection.

· If you’re doing the move yourself, be prepared.

· Dollies are the easiest way to move anything!

· Don’t lift with your back, lift with your legs.

· Load your largest items first. The easiest method of loading is base first, then boxes, and everything else on top.

· If you’re not willing or able to do a move yourself, hire a professional.

· A legitimate moving company should be listed with the Public Utilities Commission. If you can’t find them, you should probably look for another company.

· The moving and transportation industry is very busy, and you should do your best to book with a company at least 6 weeks in advance.

· If a moving company doesn’t have a license and insurance and they get hurt on your property, the customer homeowners or renters’ insurance will be held liable.

· Take pictures of your items before hiring movers for your best chance of getting your claim approved. This would include pictures that have a date and time stamp attached.

· Movers are not responsible for protecting your home unless agreed to do so on the contract. Therefore, if damages happen to your home and you didn’t get something in writing you, the customer, will be responsible for taking care of the damages.

· A professional mover is not responsible for items that are damaged, if the customer packs it themselves, so pack it well!

· Label well.

· If you have items that you feel you would die without, or if they get lost or broken, it is better for the customer to transport these items themselves if possible.

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