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Updated: Mar 29, 2022


How to care for and treat carpets!

Moving into a recently purchased house or selling your house?

It’s advised by the CRI (The Carpet and Rug Institute) to clean your carpeted areas throughout the home to improve its appearance and air quality. Household dust carries bacteria, dander, mold spores, germs and pollen. There are multiple reasons to clean the biggest filter in your home carpets. This will also get rid of the dirt, grime, grease, dust, allergens and pollen. Believe it or not, studies have shown that carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard flooring such as tile or hardwood. How can this be? Particles and allergens fall to the floor and is trapped in carpet reducing their continued circulation in the air unlike tile and hardwood. Restoring the carpet with a cleaning will prolong the life and help save you money for your investment.

When Can a Landlord Charge for Carpet Cleaning?

A landlord may only withhold from a tenant's security deposit for painting or carpet cleaning where there is "unusual damage" caused by "tenant abuse". ATCP 134.06(3)(c)

How often should homeowners vacuum?

The basic rule of thumb is that carpeted areas and rugs should be vacuumed at least twice weekly and hard surface floors like tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl should be vacuumed at least once per week. Maintaining your vacuum is key to longevity such as changing your filters and setting the vacuum to the right height will be more effective.

If you have furry pets, all carpets and floors should be vacuumed daily to capture dander, dust, and dirt. Keep in mind to not let your vacuum get more than 2/3 of the way full that is when you start losing suction.

How to properly maintain your carpet warranty?

Most manufacturer warranties require professional carpet cleaning at least every 11-18 months. Check your warranty. All stain resistant warranties require regular hot water extraction cleaning, regular vacuuming, and immediate stain removal.

Should you steam clean a new carpet?

Yes, you should steam clean a new carpet. While often associated with dirty and stained carpet, steaming cleaning your newly installed carpet has some tremendous benefits:

· The cleaning will not remove any finish from the carpet, no matter the material.

· Steam cleaning can get rid of hazardous toxins, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

· Your carpet won’t re-soil or wear out quickly – it will have a fresher smell, a softer feel, and a better look.

How to spot clean within your home without a CRI-approved carpet cleaner handy?

Act quickly! Many spills can be removed when immediate action is taken. The longer you wait, the higher probability that a spill will become a permanent stain. No carpet is completely stain-proof. So, to knock out spots, give them a one-two punch.

1. Absorb the spill- Blot liquids with a dry, white absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels (no prints or colors)

2. Treat the spot or stain- Use a CRI Seal of Approval carpet cleaner. Check out for a list of Seal of Approval spot removers and cleaning solutions.

Home-made remedies:

· Use plain water: Surprisingly, water often works better than untested carpet cleaners.

· Use a detergent solution: Mix ¼ teaspoon of clear (nonbleach, nonlanolin) dishwashing liquid with 1 cup warm water. Try this on spilled wine and smeared chocolate. Never use laundry detergent; it may contain bleach or simply be too harsh.

· Use a white vinegar solution: Mix 1 cup white (not red wine or cider) vinegar with 1 cup water. White vinegar (5 percent acetic acid) is sometimes effective on tannin (weak vegetable dye found in tea and coffee), and it leaves no residue. However, be careful because acids can set some other dye stains.

This is a mattress that was damaged in a move and had multiple water spots. The mattress was able to be restored by a steam cleaning.

This is our process to clean upholstery furniture

Before cleaning Before cleaning

After cleaning After cleaning

Why should I get my carpets cleaned?

1. Extends the life of your carpet - Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet and get embedded within the fibers which can eventually cause the fibers to split and deteriorate. Removing this built up of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet as dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty carpet than a clean carpet.

2. Contributes to a healthier environment - Some of the dust and allergens that get trapped in the carpet fibers may find their way into the breathing air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by most carpet cleaning professionals kills off these allergens so that they are no longer a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet fully sanitized.

3. Complete removal of dirt and bacteria - Over time, this will cause excess wearing on the fibers, deteriorating faster. Bacteria in the carpet can also create odors, making it more difficult to breathe for those battling asthma or allergies.

4. Eliminates carpet stains - Another great advantage provided by professional carpet cleaning is that they can remove tough stains. Using the hot water extraction method, professionals can remove stains from all the following: coffee, dirt and mud, wine, Ink, slime, pet stains and gum, etc.

5. No Residues - the equipment used by carpet cleaning professionals is always updated and uses commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting to a like-new condition. They also employ the hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, leaving the fibers free of all dirt and stains.

6. Reduce Traffic Lane Effects The high traffic areas are affected greater because dirt is constantly being tracked in these areas, and you may have even noticed that these areas are darker than others. But the advantage of carpet cleanings are they will remove the dirt and slow down these “traffic lanes” effects. The dark areas of the carpet will be removed, and the fibers will be restored.

7. Reduce Pet dander and Pet smells - Dander allergens are sticky, and dander in soft materials, such as carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture and clothing, can persist for long periods of time. Unless special steps are taken for instance carpet cleaning, pet dander can remain in a home for up to six months after the pet has been removed.

8. Enhances overall appearance of the room - While one may not notice it at first, over time the room can look dirty and outdated just by the carpet’s condition. Professional carpet cleaning can keep not only the fibers looking new but improve the aesthetics of the room

This is a mattress that was damaged in a move and had multiple water spots. The mattress was able to be restored by a steam cleaning.

Contact Brad at Creative Carpet Care and Restoration for your carpet cleaning needs! Also check out their website to see the many services they offer!

Address: 4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918, suite 338

Phone: 719-641-8600


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